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Prayers for a loving baby

Prayers are urgently needed for my cousin's baby Zachary. This poor child was born prematurely and has been on a breathing vent since birth. He lived in the hospital since birth for 8 months and now is just over a year old. He has been at home on 24 hour care and been in and out of the ER for infections due to being on a breathing machine and trach changes. His parents have been through so much with lack of sleep and constant stress. It just looked like he might improve and get off the vent when the baby was rushed to the ER with a distended belly and constant pain. He is in serious condition and the doctors think it is liver cancer. Please pray for this child who has been through so much pain in his short life and also for his parents and caregivers who are so devastated by this news.

Re: Prayers for a loving baby

Prayers for this precious baby and for the family.