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Help unloading the truck

Help Please!!!!!
Cursillo has been on the road all summer. It will be pulling into Our Lady Of Mercy on Sunday night after the closing in Linesville. All the traveling items need to be unloaded and put back. If anyone is available to help please be ready on Sunday the 20th after 8:30 pm. The timing will be given more exactly here on Sunday. Please watch for updates and please consider helping! Many hands make light work. Remember we are all responsible for the 4th day.

Re: Help unloading the truck

How about just get some friends to carpool with, come to the closing, and when it's over, you can form a caravan to OLM to unload the truck!!!!!!!!

It really is that simple! Linesville is less than a day's journey from anywhere in Erie County - believe it or not - I know, I've made the trip myself many, many, many times!

Come and show the new Babe Chicks what it means to be a Cursillista.

See you all there!