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Re: Stop Sainsburys,s Bullying

I think the facilities such as cinema and food outlets are much needed, not so sure about supermarket. What will this location do to to the traffic in and around Victoria Road?
You only have to look at Ruislip Manor most Saturday's from about 1100hrs - 1300hrs it seems to be gridlocked all directions at the main traffic signals. Today it went over the other side of Windmill Hill.
However Sainsbury's have probably signed the death warrant to this development. I never use that place as they don't operate as many checkouts as other stores in the area and you often queue longer than other rivals. Poor management!

Re: Stop Sainsburys,s Bullying

Would much change giving that the same people who would drive to sainsburys would instead drive to asda?

Re: Stop Sainsburys,s Bullying

Im not so sure the redevelopment is such a good idea.

There will definitely be more traffic, there is a few hundred homes plus all the workers and there will be quite a few extra customers from out of the area.

What do you propose to do with the roads? Make Victoria road a dual carriageway? How can you sort out Station approach?
The residence wont appreciate the extra traffic, there is a school nearby, Victoria road is dangerous enough already.
The tube station is rammed at rush hour how will the new residence and workers effect that?

More people for the local GPs and hospital, power systems we already get occasional power cuts. Flash flooding from not having enough run off.

Is seems to me the majority of the jobs will be low pay and part time.
I definitely wouldn't knock any job or anyone wanting to work, but it would be difficult to look after a family on the wages you get stacking shelves or being a receptionist at the cinema. There will be a few managerial positions but im guessing not too many.
The land should be developed Im not sure what would be best to go there but if I want to go to the cinema there is Uxbridge or Harrow etc, if I want food there a loads of supermarkets nearby or I place an order online.

I realise people want something to be done with the area but hopefully it will be something more useful than a supermarket, cinema and high density accommodation.

Re: Stop Sainsburys,s Bullying

Adsa would take upto a third of Sainsburys customers, the rest would be new business from further out.
That still leaves about 850 new jobs created to cater for the extra business on this site, plus housing etc., ie 30,000 car journeys per week.
It wont take the money to be viable due to traffic constraints and will become an eyesore with the usual anti social problems.
However the planners etc will have made their cash by then and moved on.
The best outcome for the site would be industrial or public sector.
Even housing would bring to much traffic.

Re: Stop Sainsburys,s Bullying

Can only agree with the "too much strain on the already overstretched area" argument.

For those who want competition to Sainsbury's there are plenty of stores within a short travelling distance.

More residential will mean more people using an already gridlocked junction (this morning was a case in point), more demand on the power systems (as already mentioned there have been plenty of power cuts in the area as it stands), more stress on the sewers (also frequently overstretched and failing), more need for school places for children (not sure but aren't schools already having too many trying to fill too few spaces?), transport cannot cope with further demands without making travelling more intolerable at peak times.

Perhaps one use would be a bigger car park for the station to try and cope with the local roads being overparked by commuters. It is a huge area but would any of the "services" being touted be any use considering the current issues in the area?

Probably not the best solution but a couple of nice eateries, a bowling alley and a cinema (yes I know that might have been shot down already) which should not add to the rush hour traffic but would also not overtax the already overburdened area for the sewers, power supplies, etc.

Re: Stop Sainsburys,s Bullying

It's a shame that another manufacturer or engineering base can't be attracted to that same site.

I wonder if Station Approach and that low bridge that floods were sorted out it could swing it to a larger company as a distribution depot (with a rail link).

Re: Stop Sainsburys,s Bullying

Latest news and petition at

Re: Stop Sainsburys,s Bullying

Looks like bullying from Citygrove try to push their development[:)]

From their website their no.1 priority is minimising risk to stakeholders, they sound no better than Sainsburys.