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Re: M40 "lighting" works

This conversation was started here on 7th June this year. I wonder if the dummy cameras have caught the chap who said they were dummies at that time?

Does anyone remember the column falling down in heavy wind on the elevated A40? Here's a link to some info taken from 13th May 2009:

Street lights missing on A40 London end. - Ben 10
Response from TFL:

"As background, I can advise that in January 2007, a lighting column on the A40 Westway elevated section failed during high winds due to internal corrosion. Structural testing identified numerous columns in a similar state and due to safety concerns these columns were immediately removed.

Detailed designs for the replacement of the columns along this section of road were produced and we planned to replace the lighting columns. However, we received a number of requests from local residents who did not want the lighting replaced and advised they would prefer for us to leave the road unlit."

I've also read that the lighting columns in the central reservation of some of these trunk roads are bolted to the ground, rather than rooted into the ground. So corrosion would be a serious problem if they just blew or fell over.

Has anyone seen if they've chopped off the lights on the M40 in that section? Just like on the elevated A40 Westway between White City and Marylebone.

Re: M40 "lighting" works

Nice little earner for the company that supplies the speed cameras where the road works are and they get a rake off from the speeding fines.I dont want to test them just in case they are working.

Re: M40 "lighting" works

don't know if anyone else noticed, but when they started the works the speed limit signs were wrong - if you came off the A40 Westbound at Swakeleys Road the temporary National Speed Limit signs were placed AFTER the 30MPH signs on the slip road invalidating a lot of the local speed limits