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Re: G2 Stacker

They are actually really easy to use! Just pull the line all the way out, put your lure set back where you want it than pinch the line in and send it down a few feet... sit back and watch it work! I have had good luck with mine! The only tip I have is make sure you drop the lure back a ways so there is enough tension to pull the line back out. You may also want to get the faster prop, jigs the lure/fly more often!!!

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Re: G2 Stacker

I just acquired a G2 Jigger stacker model. I looks like a really neat rig. Can anyone offer any advice on proper use? Should I replace the supplied pinch-pad release with another? Any and all advice is appreciated.


Do not replace the pinch device, the unit depends on a certain amount of wieght to work properly. Do not crank down the rod tip, open bail, let the ball down, when yoi get to desired depth, let it out msaybe 5 or 10 feet more, only a slight bend in rod tip needed, run at 2.5 for best operation. Play with it a little to get used to it. The rod twith lets you know it's jigging.

I prefer the high speeed prop as well, it jigs every 12 seconds at 2.5 mph, standard prop jigs every 20 seconds..

BIg John

Re: G2 Stacker

Thanks for the advice. I'm "pumped" to give this rig a try this weekend. Also supplied were a few very impressive Cee Dee flys, they are a little expensive, but look like they can take a beating.
I'll let you know how things work out.