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Re: G2 Stacker

I just acquired a G2 Jigger stacker model. I looks like a really neat rig. Can anyone offer any advice on proper use? Should I replace the supplied pinch-pad release with another? Any and all advice is appreciated.


Do not replace the pinch device, the unit depends on a certain amount of wieght to work properly. Do not crank down the rod tip, open bail, let the ball down, when yoi get to desired depth, let it out msaybe 5 or 10 feet more, only a slight bend in rod tip needed, run at 2.5 for best operation. Play with it a little to get used to it. The rod twith lets you know it's jigging.

I prefer the high speeed prop as well, it jigs every 12 seconds at 2.5 mph, standard prop jigs every 20 seconds..

BIg John

Re: G2 Stacker

Thanks for the advice. I'm "pumped" to give this rig a try this weekend. Also supplied were a few very impressive Cee Dee flys, they are a little expensive, but look like they can take a beating.
I'll let you know how things work out.