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Re: What a Fishery!

Very nice! Did you fish the inland sea? B-man and I will be there from 6/4 to 6/12 and then again for the LCI, Can't wait!


Re: What a Fishery!

Heard you on the radio, you must have been down my way. Datilos derby was this weekend. Got 35 fish over the weekend, biggest was 31", 3 salmon at 23", Great weekend......Second only to Lake O.


Re: What a Fishery!

True statement for sure 2nd to Lake O Popeye!!


Re: What a Fishery!

Kool-Aid nice Salmon, I believe that fish would of put you in 3rd place. The biggest Salmon was just shy of 9 lbs, and the biggest walleye was over 8 lbs. Lena weighed in a 12.31 Lake Trout but it was not big enough to hold in the top 3 places. When I call this am they said 3rd place Lake Trout was over 14 lbs. Can you imagine how big the fish in the LCI will need to be? Good luck. Roland

Re: What a Fishery!

hey cool aid nice fish. what depths were you hitting them at, i'm heading up to champlain with my son tommorow, any advice would be helpful. thank you

Re: What a Fishery!

60-70' and 30-37' in 100 FOW.

I'll be on the lake as well. Call me on the radio. Leaving in 4 hrs!

Bed time!


Re: What a Fishery!

Kool Aid

How long a drive and where did yu guys go ?

I'm going out with Mac and B Man in June, too much to trailer my Barge.

Looks like it's a great place for any kind of fishing and can handle the pressure OK, must be the Alewifes.

Did you know Champlain was voted by the Bass Pros as the "best Bass lake in the country".

Hope you did well today.

Big John

Re: What a Fishery!

Hey John, It can handle the pressure! A ton of bait, the big salmon we harvested had 3 smelt and 3 alewives in its stomach!

It is about 2 hours north of me (Hanover, NH) and I launch out of Apple Island Marina $8 and have lines in the water about 300 yards away in the Inland Sea.

Fishing was decent yesterday, a little slower for us. we picked up a few "future trophy" fish and one nice fat 4lber. The bite turned off for us around 10:30 in the Inland Sea so we moved out to the main lake and started to get right into them. One laker just shy of 5lbs and lost 3 very healthy salmon... it was very frustrating but a very fun time! The weather was gorgeous!

Hot lures were DB orange and Black - I had these on 3 lines and they were the only ones to steadily produce fish. Riggers were the trick too yesterday 23'-37' was our meal ticket. Only one fish on the lead at 4 colors.

Been emailing with Mac a bit, you guys are going to have a blast! Maybe I'll tow the Kool-Aid up for a day and we can try our luck along side ya!


Re: What a Fishery!

Sounds like a plan, I need a good nubers day. Squam is getting slower than slow these days, not like no fish Nubi yet, but maybe 1 Fish Squam, lol. One day a skunk, next day a nice fish, unlike Winni, Squam tends to realy slow down in July and August, sometimes June as well, when you get that first big May Fly hatch it dies.

Big John