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Late Squam report

Fished Friday with Travis and Ryan, we each got a Bow, 3.5 to 4 pounds, nice fish and one other new resident Bow. Fished that nite again with Trav, he broke off a big one, the only bite.

Saturday I fished with B Man and Mac, plenty of fresh shrimp cocktail (you loose Salty) Again we got 1 fish each, 2 Bows 3.5 to 4 pounds, I caught a 4 year old Salmon, 23".

All fish were caught pretty much on Cee Dee Streamers
and AJ's Special Red Grey Ghost, one of a Pro eye spoon, Silver and Blue. Best Cee Dee Streamers were the "2010" new pattern try me, Sparky Streamer and Needle Smelt.

Water temp is running 10 degrees diffrence day and night, 67 in the afternoon, surface temp anyhow. I'll be putting my probe on this weekend to see how it's shaping up down below.

All fish caught from 18 to 22 feet, mostly on lead core off Rod Pumper and Jig Ball. We caught a total of 8 fish (including two small Bows) for 4 trips over the 3 days, not good, but it was nice to be on the water.

If you hit Church 1st light you probably can pick up a couple of nice Bows, then it's like finding a needle in a haystack the rest of the day. Squams deeper basins are small and spread out with reefs and ledges in between, so have a good map and have fun finding them, stay close to the up button on the riggers. Fish may be deeper this coming weekend with warmer weather.

Nice to see the 2 yr olds are at legal length finally on Winni, we haven't caught a 2 yr old yet on Squam, I'm afraid there are none left.

Big fishing weekend coming up, my birthday too, hope I get a nice present (on the lake).

Big John

Re: Late Squam report

Happy B-Day John, and good luck this weekend! I,ll be on the salt most of the weekend at my new part time job aboard the Miss Megan. Cal P.