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Re: What lure?

I can't just pick one! Cool Water Top Gun has probably been my best overall producer but it is not the right lure for certain conditions or times of year.

Re: What lure?

this year im just fishing flies, trying to learn as much as i can with them so lures are out. so far either a maynard marvel, joes smelt, or pink ghost. leaning toward the marvel for size of fish, joes smelt for quantity, pick marvel. for some reason the lure that worked best the last year, hasnt worked best the next year for me, it keeps changing year to year. most consistant for me has been the typical orange and gold flashking and i like the larger versions

Re: What lure?

Tough question. If you could only run one lure all season for salmon in winni which would you pick and what color? For me; orange and gold hammered finish DB smelt.

Can't beat original DB or BB Gun, solid dark Orange top, Gold scale belly, gold tiger stripes (a must) over of the Orange, mine we custom tape over blanks. I down size to Guide Specials or mini BB's later in the season, same colors. I call it my BFL (Big Fish Lure) but like Mike I fish 95% streamers.

We find spoons catch more fish but smaller, streamers seem to catch bigger fish, but maybe allot less. Best streamer for us are AJ's Special Red Gray Ghost tandem and any of the CEE DEE Streamers (Cut2Spec, G2 jigger ball people) super flys, very durable, not throw aways, but a little more expensive than AJ's.

Big John

Re: What lure?

rangely top gun