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Sat.& Mon. On Winni

Sat. only 3 hits from 5:00 - 9:00 but boated them all at least. 2 on flat line leadcore 4 colors and 1 on rigger at 22'. one fish each on white/red dot DB, orange/black dot TopGun, and silver/pink and blue TopGun. 19" 3 yr., 2 15" 2 yr. salmon.

Mon. started off slow with a 17" 3 yr. old, lead core, 4 colors, white/red dot DB, at crack of dawn and nothing until around 8:00 then a flurry of action. 4 salmon around 15", a couple LDR's, and 2 runts. They were hitting so fast I didn't have time to check the fin clips on all, 2 were 2 yr. olds. All these fish came on riggers at 23',with flashers, with silver/pink and blue TopGuns about 3-5' behind the tail end of the flashers. I think last bite was about 8:45 then I quit at 9:45. Released all except the 17" which took a hook through eye.