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Cod Fishin

June 2nd met up with Capt.Matty for a day of ocean fishing. The forcast was going to be a beauty but they forgot one thing FOG Let me tell ya it was on the ocean! We made it out to the mud flats and went to work on the cod! first one was a nice 12lb second one was a bit nicer 34lb third was 28lb and finished off with another 12lb. We were all happy but Matty wasn't! He wanted us to get into more fish! I guess that's why the call it fishin not catchin! One thing I did learn Capt Matty cares about your trip! I had my 11 year old grandson with us and Matty was great with him so don't not bring the kids, if you go out bring them for the experiance! Fog never really lifted and we headed back in some rough seas but all in all a great day on the water with Capt Matty!And fish chowder on the stove Thanks Matty! Derek, Dave, Seth & Ernie