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Re: I'm out...

Cool Water
Well guys and gal's I'm headed out Sunday morning bound for the DR to get hitched. Soon i'll be on here talking about the swimbo and sippn' spoffard special LOL... Talk to you all soon...

Ps. I will not be checking the board because all the fish talk will kill me!!! Looks like marraige has already set in NO FISHING ALLOWED on our trip! UGH...

Cool Water

You and I have allready been over this, "everyone's entitled to one mistake", only teasing. I made that mistake allmot 50 years ago, still havin fun together.

I'm not sure I'd take Bill's advice Trav.

Big John

Re: I'm out...

Congrats Cool Water! Good Luck! and Have Fun!

Re: I'm out...

Travis, congratulations thats your best catch yet. Good luck. Roland and Lena

Re: I'm out...

Trav, It can really truly work! Even at my age of 75! I just did it (again) a year ago (takes me longer to learn how to make it work than some others...) and I'm gloriously happy... and have already taught her how to fly fish! She's catching more trout in streams than I am! Congratulations from
Hal & Karin