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Fish Finders

With all of the great info always posted on here why would anyone go else where to find out what to look for! Looking at buying a new fish finder. Don't want to break the empty bank but don't want the $59 dollar special either! We now have a older Eagle fish ID 128 and would like more details on what is going on down below! I really don't think I want a combo Fish finder & GPS we have a seperate GPS now that works fine for us! We get out about 12/15 times a year both fresh and salt water so we would like something that helps us a little better! Any input will be appriciated! Bup & Gram

Re: Fish Finders

If you would consider a used fishfinder, I have a Humminbird "Panorama" model that I took off my boat when I bought a new GPS/Sonar unit. It works great and is complete with mount, cover, speed/temp wheel, dual beam transducer, and installation/operating manual. Its in excellent condition. I dont know what its worth. If you're interested---lets talk.

Re: Fish Finders

Hi Bup...there is so much to choose from out there that I think you need to give a budget. For some people on this board "no breaking the bank" is $100 - for others it's $1000. Try to put a price tag on what you can spend and you will get some more accurate recommendations.

I upgraded a "lower price range" unit this year to a mid to upper price range unit and the difference is HUGE. I have a combo unit and both the GPS/mapping features and sonar are night and day from the unit only a few hundred dollars less. I'm now seeing bait, my DR balls, all fish (even fish rising in the water column) and can sound bottom even at higher cruising speeds. I'm sure I will also see the thermocline once it sets up which is huge when summer kicks in.

Re: Fish Finders

Mike what unit did you get,and what was the price range( if you don't mind) thanks BARRY.