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Squam weekend report

Fishing was too slow to make a fish report, 1 Squamed day in the rain (1 Bass) other days close to being Squamed (skunked) but did boat a few small new resident healthy looking Bows and one 3 pounder, 18".

No Salmon for the weekend, seems to be just about fished out of the dumb ones, no 2 year olds all season, a couple of 3's, maybe a few big boys left, but they are big for a reason. But we did catch 1 new resident yearling Salmon and from what we could see, it doubled in size in one month living in the lake. We actually weighed it before we put it back in, it was already dead when we caught it (foul hooked in the heart area) so we had the time to weigh it. It was 4 ounces (4 to a pound) when they went in they were 9.4 to a pound, amazing growth in one month, doubled it's size.

Lake is warming up at a record pace, 72+ on the surface, 55 at 28 feet. The "purest" using live shiners seem to be doing a little better than hardware boys, but as that's not my style (yet) I'll keep on strugglin.

Big John