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Tues fishing in the wind report

Easy Ed and I caught a bunch of 3 yr old salmon today, but it wasn't easy in the wind. Ended up fishing just 2 rods on the riggers. All but one fish caught on live bait right behind the blades. Lots of jumps, and tail walks in the rough water. All but one fish (hook wounded) were released to grow BIG. Hope some of these 3 yr. olds make it to 4!!!


Re: Tues fishing in the wind report

Wise selection on the live bait because I got skunked using several different flies and spoons. Only 1 hit and lost what was probably a yearling salmon after about 3 seconds. It was definitely windy and rough out there this morning. For what its worth, the 1 hit was a Chappy's sexy smelt spoon at 28' on the rigger.

Re: Tues fishing in the wind report

That is the best spoon in the box!

Chappy makes some mean lures!