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Re: Lake O reports sorta

Hey Rick, Sunapee has been tough for me as well. Fished a few times now with one awesome salmon hooked up and it wrapped itself in the riggers at the back of the boat and was gone! Got a decent look though - 4/5 lbs??

Other then that some lakers and some shaker salmon

Met Jim? the other day - nice guy


Re: Lake O reports sorta

Tried to fish the big lake sat-mon ( mexico bay ) , the weather just wont quit! Managed 7 hrs on the water between weather events.Put 7 browns in the box and lost that many again , best over 8#.Lake is starting to set up with lots of bait in 40-60fow. all fish on riggers and leadcore pulling spoons 20-30 down .
The home lake very unproductive for silver fish , spend a lot of evenings getting squamed.


Rick and othr Sunapee anglers,

Interesting getting "Squamed" on Sunapee, must be contagiuos. I was asked by a friend if I knew why Sunapee does not get any Rainbows, so I looked into it. Seems quite a few ago, some local Rod and Gun Club in the area expressed some concern about the Salmon in Sunapee and requested "no Bows" be put in the Lake.

Squam has grown some really excellent Bows the past couple of years (to 7 pounds it's been rumored) and this year with the lack of 2 and 3 year old Salmon has become pretty much a good Bow fishery.

Perhaps you guys could look into it and write the Director for Bows to be stocked in Sunapee, it would be a good idea to maybe make a petition or find out which Rod and Gun club planted the seed years ago.

Some nice Bows right now would take some of the sting of the lack of 2 and 3 year old Salmon. It's your fishery, they will make it what you want if you make request.

Big John