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Re: Squam weekend reprt

Thanks again, John for the day on the barge. Was great fun and I enjoyed picking your brain. Especially good to learn about the fin clip details.

Didn't waste too much time - scooped a brand new Digitrol IV on Ebay for 800. No XDucer, but got one coming from Anchor Express for 80 bucks. Hope to be set up by July, would be great to have it to play with for vacation.

Now, gotta start thinkin about a rod pumper, LOL.

See ya on the pond next week.

Good deal on the Digitrol IV, don't leave home without one if you fish Squam. Give me the details later, I spoke with Jim about a Rod Pumper, give him a call someday and work it out with him. You have a G2 Jig Ball coming, all you need now is a bunch of Streamers.

I'm a bad guy to fish with unless you have an unlimited expense account or a rich wife. I've been "helping" people spend their money for years, actually have got quite good at it too, ha,ha. lol.

Next time we fish, I'll give you a crash course, I'll drive and you can run the riggers, they do "allot" more than we used them for Sunday, the manuals are not that great. I don't have many guys lined up yet for the 11 days I'll be up to the Lake, see if your boss will give you Friday off for starters, I've met him he aint a bad guy.

Big John