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Weekend Getaway...Can't wait

the family and I and most importantly "Tessie" will be heading up to winni for a nice 4 day vacation on the lake. Staying at a private cottage near Weirs Beach, and best of all I get to put Tessie on a private dock. I can't wait to roll out of bed at 0400 grab a cup of coffee and hit the lake without taking her on and off a trailer. See you all there and tight lines.

Re: Weekend Getaway...Can't wait

I know what you mean Rick we stay at Ames Farm in Sept. for 4/5 days and it is so nice to either get going early or staying out late and just pulling up to the dock and tieing the boat up and not dealing with the trailor. Hope you guys have a great vacation and catch some fish! Ernie & Brenda

Re: Weekend Getaway...Can't wait

Ok, car is packed with kids and wife's stuff, linens' packed, Tessie is on the battery charger getting a little boost, poles and down riggers situated, db smelts, guide specials and chappy's are in their respective boxes, I think we are almost ready to go. Going to check into the office in the early am to make sure guys are set for the week, then off we go. Tessie will be flying her Redsox flag on the lake..so say hello. Have a great weekend everyone. Hopefully I'll be giving a great weekend update.


Re: Weekend Getaway...Can't wait

Did I see the Tessie at the Pittsfield Dunkin Donuts last Saturday ?