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Chamberlain Release (singing the praise)

Can't say enough about how this release works and how the company backs it's product and takes care of it's customers.

I've had the releases now for 2 years. They have performed exactly as advertised but last time out, I found one of the releases was locked shut. I emailed Keith (the owner of Chamberlain releases) to ask if he had any advice or could repair the release and without blinking an eye, I sent a replacement. He didn't have to do that. Nobody would have expected an unlimited warrenty for a device made of plastic and designed to spend time in the water followed by long periods (winter) in storage but he more than stands behind his product.

I'm definitely picking up some stacker releases as soon as I get up to AJs.

With all the horror stories of customer relations from the big boys like Bass Pro Shops and Cabelas, I thought people here would like to hear about what "the little guy" provides that you NEVER get from these corporate chains.

Re: Chamberlain Release (singing the praise)

Are the stackers available yet? There's no mention of them on their web site.

Re: Chamberlain Release (singing the praise)

I'm sure if you sent an email to Keith, you would have them in the mail. Also, try calling AJ as he sells Chamberlains and may have some in stock.

Re: Chamberlain Release (singing the praise)

His parts guy has been promising him that he would have the parts for months. It is driving him CRAZY!