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Re: Flags

Order one and contacted Travis a few weeks ago. He said he was checking to see if they were ready yet. Guess they weren't or we would have heard from him.

Re: Flags

Solar Tracker
To any of you who ordered a Fish Lake Winni flag at the gathering. Did you receive yet? I ordered one there but have not got it yet.

Travis will be posting something very soon, I talked with him yesterday about it, they were ordered I know.

Big John

Re: Flags

That's good news. I'm heading up for the week at Ames farm on the 17th and was hoping to be able to fly the flag for the week.

Re: Flags

I have them Give me a calll and we can hook up and give you your flag super sorry for the delay!!!!


Re: Flags

Thanks Trav, I will give you a call early next week when I am up at Ames farm. I can meet you on the water to pick up the flag if that will work for you.