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7/3/10 report

Fished Winni today with my son Lucas and daughter Lauren. Fishing wasn't steady.. but was good, probablly 4 or 5 runt salmon in the mix. Best 3 fish were at 10:30 am ( 1 nice salmon and 2 lakers)just before we picked up for the day. Depth on the salmon and 1 rainbow was 32-35'. Depth on the lakers were between 100 and 125' 4' off the bottom.Every thing was off the riggers never saw the leadcore move all morning, tried db's, tp guns, guides, flies and even suttons nothing worked on the lead (5-9 colors out). Best lure was a black w/iridescent dots single hook lure that we picked up on Champlain a couple of weeks ago and an orange and black dot glow lure.

Talked to Travis on the radio, he was having a good day (especialy after they got rid of the bananas). Boat traffic picked up about 10 am. On the way home rte 16 headed north was slooooow with a lot of trailered boats in the mix.

Re: 7/3/10 report

Yesterday my daughter said that the bigger salmon that she caught at the end of the day had worms!!! Well I did not pay much attention because you know teenage girls are grossed out about everything that comes out of the earth or water and I figured she was just being a girl. So this morning I was cleaning the boat and noticed these little dried up skinny yellowish things with eyes.... dah.....yoy you dummy! I guess i will pay more attention to her next time! Has anyone else noticed the yoy?

Re: 7/3/10 report

I've only kept one salmon this year from Winni and it was loaded with stomach worms. Had a 1 1/2 inch ball of them tightly wrapped in its stomach and some loose in the intestines. Gross. Fish was a torpedo so I kept it. I found out why it was so skinny.
I know you can eat those fish if cooked well, but I lost my appetite and it became fertilizer (like the
Indians use to do).

Re: 7/3/10 report

I think these were YOY Cal, she may have just thought they were worms. I was wondering if anyone has noticed any YOY this year yet with the fish they have caught recently.