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Re: Sat. Morning report

I didn't check the fin clip so it's possible it was a 2 yr. old runt, he did put up a decent fight on the light rigger rod.

What pound test leader do you use when landing those 4-7 pound fish? I use 6 lb. test and sometimes I worry when landing a 3 pounder it might break. I suppose it would help if I took the boat out of gear if I feel a whopper is on.

Re: Sat. Morning report

I use to use Seagar 10# main line and 8#, now I use Seagar Tatsu 8# main line, 4# leader. But most of my bigger fish were earlier this year with the heavier set up. We did land a few heavier fish with 4# leader shortly after we swtiched, I'd never attempt that with regular 4# line, not even Seagar.

I keep my drag light, let the light action rods do the work and only pop it in neutral if I feel I really need to and we can get the other lines in. Only had to do that a couple of times this year, once it was a 14" Bow, he must have had the line wrapped around a rock, ha,ha ??????????????????

I think the Tatsu 4# is a great leader, but if your nervous, go to 6#, 8# Tatsu is super for a main line, none better. It made a believer out of me, great knots and very limp line, I can hardly see it out of the water.

Big John

Re: Sat. Morning report

Thanks for the line advice John, I've read many positive comments on the Seagar lines so I'll try it next (I use Vanish fluoro now) . I've only lost a couple due to actual breaks and one may have been a sloppy knot unraveling and the one just recently may have dragged across the downrigger cable or blades as it had some abrasion (teeth?) on the stub. Lately, have had some heavy fish on but they seem to shake off when the battle comes to a standstill, so maybe lighter drag and more patience is the key.

Re: Sat. Morning report

Let em run as much as they want, they can't get into much trouble like a Bass can if you don't hog it right into the boat.

I like real light action rods and let the rod do the work, it's great line but expensive. However I've only used it a month or so, could change my mind, but it seems like super stuff..

I had a knot break like nothing when testing a knot I had just tied with it once, re-tied and it was no problem. Not sure why, but that happens now nand then with any line, maybe it's me, I do wet the line before I snug it up.

Never hurts to give a new knot a few tugs.

Heading up tomorrow morning for the weekend, I hope B Man is right and the storms turned the fish on some, maybe oxygenated the water or something. I haven't fished

Big John