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Re: Sat. Morning report

Let em run as much as they want, they can't get into much trouble like a Bass can if you don't hog it right into the boat.

I like real light action rods and let the rod do the work, it's great line but expensive. However I've only used it a month or so, could change my mind, but it seems like super stuff..

I had a knot break like nothing when testing a knot I had just tied with it once, re-tied and it was no problem. Not sure why, but that happens now nand then with any line, maybe it's me, I do wet the line before I snug it up.

Never hurts to give a new knot a few tugs.

Heading up tomorrow morning for the weekend, I hope B Man is right and the storms turned the fish on some, maybe oxygenated the water or something. I haven't fished

Big John