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Re: Sat. Morning

Great reports Thanks for sharing. Rick sounds like a big laker that got a way.How deep was the water you were fishing.

Re: Sat. Morning

I was one of those 22 boats Saturday morning. What a friday and saturday on "Tessie". My son and I boated 20 fish with a few lost on way in. biggest disappointment was the "one that got away" on his down rigger. I've never seen a donw rigger hit so violently and then after the realease look like its still hooked on the ball. We were both over excited and ofcourse screwed it up! LOL, sat there for awhile afterwards thinking what it could have been!!! Caught a good mix of Salmon, rainbows and lakers. almost evern on leadcore 5-7 colors and downriggers at 45-35'. Db smelts with black and purple, or orange and black dots did most of the damage. All released to fight another day. Surprised how well the fish all looked too. great 1.5 day trip. Off the water Saturday around 10:30 because of family plans in the afternoon. Have a good week everyone


Had the samething happen to me last year on Sebago. More than likely it was something submerged or suspended in the water (water logged log, limb etc...). Boy but when it happened I thought it was a monster but when you think about the releases we use being so sensitive....for the downrigger itself to shake something submerged might have hit or tangled with the downrigger cable itself.