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found those YOY's

been looking for them and not finding the big schools where they usually start to gang up. went in close to shore like one would do in the spring and they, YOY's, are hugging bottom in 20 to 30 feet of water. fished the morning with one color of lead then changed to a three color setup and then to 150 feet of wire late in the day. at the speed im going i dont think i was 15 feet down and was into fish all day, crazy for this time of year. stayed with flies, never changed to hardware. is this happening on winni or is it just happening on my lake. all the missing bigger salmon are starting to show up again, not as big as years past, but good fish

Re: found those YOY's

Yea I'm seeing bait scattered along the bottom in 30-50' fish are looking great! Just started seeing the fish caugh up ome very small perch frye... also some large 3inch smelt in winni very rare to see this time of year but several fish are loaded with them...

Cool Water

Re: found those YOY's

I saw a lot of those little boogars last week. White, and about 1" long. I thought they were smelt because they were so thin.