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Little Salmon River Challenge Results

The Seaduction (kids) Team came in 28 out of 90 boats.
The 3 kids did a great job of reeling in the fish. No "donkeys" happened this trip. We ended up with 3 browns with the biggest being 6.69 and a small king and a small steelhead. All fish had to be 21 inches. We boated more fish but just couldnt get that 6th and final fish. We hated to throw back 5-6 pound browns that were 1/2 to 1/4 inch too small. We did best in 120 to 160 feet of water out in front of the nuke plant. It was a spoon bite for us.

Big fish of the tourney was a 30 pound king caught by a kid. That was the only fish that boat weighed in.

The winning boats came from far out west, where the kings are concentrated right now. I heard some teams drove 3 hours to weigh in thier fish. (legal but not really good sportsmanship in my eyes)

Steelfire came in 4th. He booked a charter out of Oswego and they ran several miles out west for the kings. Good job!!!!

Rules will be changing next year. They will list the counties that you can leave port from. I heard that Fairhaven will be the furthest west port, whatever county that is. The BT size limit will be reduced down from 21 inches. Maybe more rule changes.

All the kids that entered got a $25. gift card to Walmart. They paid out 10 places for the kids big fish as well.

The cookout food was excellent and all the prizes they raffled off... you were bound to get something.

We will be there again next year. Hope to see some of you out there too.