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Re: Leader size

Thanks for all of the great responses. I have new hope for this coming weekend useing the 6#seagar on all of my gear.
One more question for the experienced:

How do you feel aboout quick release clips on the business end? I have been told by some to tie the lure directly, and others have said that the clips make lure change easier on the go.

Re: Leader size

I'm not an expert(still learning) I use a small duolock barrel swivel I separate the lock from the barrel,use the barrel part to go from mono to leader the lock for the lure.Hope this helps you out.

Re: Leader size

I always tie on my lures. I can tie a knot almost as fast as I change a lure on a clip and I have more confidense in a lure thats tied on


Re: Leader size

When I use spoons I use a small duo-lock snap, my reasoning being that it was fast easy and I always caught plenty of fish, plus each time you tie a new knot you have a chance for one to let go, lol..

I know exposure to sun can weaken line, but yesterday I spoke with a guy from Seaguar and of course he blamed everything except the line, but was very helpful. I know that exposure to sun can be a problem for any line, but he mentioned HEAT too.
I always get my rods out of the sun when not fishing, but never was concerned with "heat".

My Barge cabin compartment gets hotter than hell when all buttoned up during the week, I mean like a greenhouse and I keep my line in there. Also I've been in the habit of leaving leader in a spot where I can put my hands on it quickly which is on the "dashboard", which is not only just as hot as the rest of the enclosed area, but can be in direct sun allot.

So maybe my problems with line are self inflicted ?
He also said (in his personal opinion) Tatsu should not be used as "leader" regardless of what the advertising says, leader and regular line have different property make up, lost me with technical jargon, lol. Also make sure line is well lubricated when tying knots. Seemed to me I've read somewhere that moistening line when tying knots is a no-no, but I always do. Until Tastu came along, I have never used regular Fluro or mono as main line, always leader material, I know many people use regular line (cost savings) but I think back to basics for me.

In any case I ordered Tatsu 10# Main line (AJ's has been out of it) and regular Seaguar 6 pound "leader material" from a place in California, Cabelas was sold out of Tatsu, I think Bass Pro was too ?

Guess I'll be taking my leader and line off the boat each weekend now, re-rig the 14 rods I have set up with the 4# Tatsu to 6# Seaguar and change the main line on all to 10# Tatsu while I'm at it. It's all been cooking in my boat cabin, some since day 1 of the season. The 4# Tatsu may be fine as leader normaly, but I know mine is toast and 4# is nowhere near strong enough for main line..

I normaly change all my leaders now and then as they do get knicked and frayed, I just loose track of which rods I do, so I'll do em all and go after that 8 pounder that's been waiting for me to do it before he took a bite.

I'll toss all my old line that's left on spools too, not much left anyhow. Don't forget the only thing between you and that big Salmon is "your line", be confident in it.

Big John