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Re: How to post a photo?

upload the photo to you photobucket.com account

then, when you put your cursor over the photo on your account page, a dropdown menu will appear. click on direct link.

when the URL code to the right turns blue, copy it by, on your keyboard, holding down the ctrl key and tapping the c key one time.

go to your post and say " gimme dat image now ".


place the cursor wherever you want the photo in your post window. then hold down ctrl key again and while holding it tap the v key once.

the url will appear.
now add the following before the url :

that shold be it

preview the post and see if it worked.

remember to leave no space between what you added before and after the url.

right, gus ???

now ..........while the squirrel is sleeping..............i'm going out to play.

Re: How to post a photo?

Thanks for the info, now if we can find a way to upload photos to the Bragging Board.

Big John

Re: How to post a photo?

Thanks for the help!

Will try one after I get set up with Photobucket.