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Re: Why do I suck at fishing

I would run a dodger and a fly on one of your rods with the fly 18" behind the dodger as Triple D sugested. Be sure to use 6# seaguar Flurocarbon leader if you don't have some get some at AJs it will increase your strike rate. Tie your fly directly on to it " I never use snaps on anything. Fish this combo between 30 and 35 feet on your rigger. Later in the morning after the sun gets up around 830 or 9 if you aren 't catching fish you might switch too a spoon and fish deeper I have been catching salmon all summer on cooper silver sutons spoons at about 53 feet. Conways bait shop in multonbore has a nice selection of suton spoons if you what to try those.

On your other down rigger rod take the reel to AJs bait and tackle have Al rig you up a 6 color inline leadcore setup it. He will slice 6 colrs of leadcore line on to the reel and than put on 50 feet of leader. Tie a barrel swival onto the end of that than a rod lenght of flurocarbon leader than a fly. Ask Al for the the 3 hots flies right now and buy them. When you fish the leadcore let out all the lead and about 35 to 50 feet on mono. You can also try jigging this set up sometimes that works realy well. You want to troll at between 2.0 and 2.2 mph gps. Take this setup and go fish around the Wiers.

Good Luck
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Re: Why do I suck at fishing

Well thanks all for the help but I've had no luck (except with Barry, Thanks Barry). Lines in at 5:15 this morning, fished until 8, nothing. I've put in probably 15hrs of fishing, some mornings some evenings. Caught a 1.5lb White Perch and an 8" Small Mouth. Thats it. Fished everywhere from 20' down to 100'. Nothing.
Anyway, my vacation is just about over so I will have to wait another year to try again. But I have to be honest, I'm thinking of calling it quits. Either that or getting a fish finder (mine died) and a couple nice leadcore setups. I just have major problems giving up. The riggers just don't catch me anything though.
My wife won't even go with me any more because it's pretty much guaranteed I won't catch anything. I'm no better in the winter. Maybe Meredith Bay just sucks for cold water fishing or I'm just bad at it? I'm going to try one more time this evening before I leave.
Enjoy the rest of the summer guys and gals and thanks again for helping me out. I'll be back for some ice fishing come February.

Re: Why do I suck at fishing

Hey Chris don't quit just buy a fish finder,and if you remember I told you that was the best day I've ever had on the lake (catching) I've done a lot of boat rides tho!!!
P.S. two lead core set up wont hurt either ask santa to bring em!!!

Re: Why do I suck at fishing

Ok go to AJ's ask allen for the firesmelt streamer he makes them there he will have it hopefully... he runs out of them quick... tell him mike sent you... run that streamer 7,8 colors in like 70 to 100 feet of water... you'll catch salmon... promise.. good luck out there. ran double firesmelts on both my leadcore setups this past labor day weekend caught fish all three days...