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Re: Launching Boat

We use the Lee's Mill's boat launch which is located behind the Loon Center as you head towards the Moultonboro Country Store (Rt. 25)...It is a public (free) launch! Probably only another 15 minute ride north from the Meredith docks...Hope this helps...Enjoy the weekend!

Re: Launching Boat

Maybe I will try that one this weekend. Thanks for the info

Re: Launching Boat

Joe center harbor&Meredith bay are free if no one is around,center harbor is easier bat farther away from the fish right now unless your jigging lakers.

Re: Launching Boat

Lees Mills is a great facility but a long ride from 93 and a VERY long boat ride through VERY dangerous waters if you are unfamiliar with the area (lots of reefs away from shore to watch for - well marked but if you are salmon fishing, you better be going through there in the dark to make the ride out to decent waters).

Center Harbor would be my choice or better yet West Alton Marina. I'm suprised Sheps blocks the ramp now. They always had the "pay inside before launching" sign but it was understood that when you arrive before dawn, just launch and then pay on the way out. West Alton used to have a pay box but they've changed a bit so I'm not sure how they do it now.

Re: Launching Boat

Good to know. I was curious if there were maybe some rules that were known but not listed on the sign. At least I know for next time. U guys think it will be really busy this weekend?

Re: Launching Boat

West Alton Marine has a pay box ($20.00). Little building on right as you go down the driveway in. This has changed since last year.
I will be surprised if Winni is not really busy this weekend.

Re: Launching Boat

Joe Such
Went to Winni yesterday hoping to try it out for the first time. We arrived in Merideth around 6:00am but there was nobody collecting money at either dock so we were unable to get in the water. This was very frustrating so we went to squam and got skunked:(Is there a way to pick up a launching pass or something beforehand or do you have to wait for someone to collect your money later in the day? Are there any other launches on the ashland side of the lake I could use?

No place for free, if you take River street (just before the Lake) before you go over the covered bridge there is a place on the right, not sure what he charges or what parking is like ???

What is wrong with the state ramp on the channel, great launch, plenty of parking right there, open 24/7, etc ?

We just about got skunked Saturday ourselves (1 small Bow and 1 Bass) did a little better Sunday. The only bite lately is from from 1st light to 7:00 or 8:00 am, if you can't get there before the sun comes up, stay home.

Channel is very low in parts, especialy coming back in off the big lake, stay as far to the left as possible coming in, mostly sand however. Tons of rocks showing all over the Big lake, some I've never seen before, so be sure to be on the right side of all the markers. Marinas are straight out doing props and lower end units, not kidding.

Big John

Re: Launching Boat

I see boats launching out of Harillas Landing on Long Island all the time. I believe that is a state launch no fee usually easy to find parking along the road and a short ride to the fishing grounds. Good luck.