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B man and his catch

I heard through the grapevine that the B Man caught a real nice fish Sunday, maybe Mac will post a photo here, wait til you see this brute.

Big John

Re: B man and his catch

Yup I heard the same rumor!
W-Fats report from the Barge on Sat. Had a pleasant trip, got to meet Lefffffty.
Got 2 booger fish & 2 cute bows.
Also one VERY large cluster, H T F do u get both rigger balls hitch together under the boat!!!!????? TnT W-Fat Thanks again John for the boat ride I Luv driving the barge.

Re: B man and his catch

I'd like to see a video of that one,John can you mount a camera for next season???

Re: B man and his catch

I'd like to see a video of that one,John can you mount a camera for next season???

That's a good idea, a video under the boat would have git it all.

We were trolling near a guy in an Arima (sweet boat) he had pumpers but was going in circles it seemed, we figured he must have had long lines out and couldn't figure out why he was circling like he was.

At any rate we tried to stay away and moved on, but the guy was running from one rod to the other back and forth, doubles maybe. Realy got our curiosty but we kept going.

About a 1/2 hour later one of my G2's was acting strange, checked it out and up comes a line with a fly, not mine ???????? As I continued to raise the ball it got very hard and wouldn't come up past the bottom of the Pontoon and looked like it wanted to go under the boat to the other side. So we check out the other rigger, another fly. Somehow we caught both that guys lines and when he thought he had Walter and his wife, all he really had was The Barge.

When he was reeling in his fly that was caught on my rigger wire it went under the boat and caught my G2 line. We actually got everything untangled and back in the water with no losses.

Could never happen in a million yars, I thought !!!!!

Next day we see 2 guys still fishing in deep water in a canoe, we go around him fine (we thought) and a 1/2 hour later I'm checking a line and in comes a #6 hook with two split shot. The guy in the canoe is a few hundred yards or more from me, I mean a long way off, cant be his line.

So I start to pull in the mono that was attached, I must have pulled in a 1000 yards and another split shot and the end of the line, must have been the canoe guys.

Everyone kept thier distance from The Barge the rest of the day, sorry guys.

Trying to get someone to post that photo all day, not having much luck, e mails bounce back, no reply, etc.

Hopefully someone will post it, what a fish !!!!!!!

Big John

Re: B man and his catch

I knew I had a reason for staying away from the barge.
I didn't lose any lines???


Re: B man and his catch

Wow John; Strange way to add to your mobile tackle shop! Cal P.