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Re: rainbows

if possible could you explain what this means? I have also been curious on what an LDR is. Thanks...

Re: rainbows

Fish that get off and not landed.

Re: rainbows

"L" (long) "D" (distance) "R" (release) hence "LDR"
Very common on Squam this morning, we did have a few heavy LDR's too, but not to the net.

If you are using streamers, we use mostly tandems (two hooks) Red Grey Ghost one on the best, Pumpkin Seed (I think they call it that) Gold and Orange, Maynard's (yellow w/a dash of red) are all good flys you can get at AJ's in Merideth.. Flashers and Dodgers are OK, but you can do well without them.

All the spoons mentioned can also be found at AJ's, BB Guns, Mini BB Guns in Orange and Gold are always good too. Guide Specials in the same popular colors are killers too, but I dont know where you can buy them these days.

Big John