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How slow can Squam get ?????

Have you seen the Southwest TV Ads, they ask " How low can South West prices go" and the guy says "low,low".

Well I say "how slow can Squam get" ? Answer "slow, slow"

Ran 6 lines for 7 hours Friday, with one of NH's finest guides and Russ Johnson (not is the 6# club yet for 2010) and the best we could do was 3.5 pound Bow, but a real pretty one, fantastic Fall colors.

Detertmined to do better, the Guide brings back re-enforcments this morning, another one of NH' finest guides, so it was Big John, 2 of NH's finest Winni guides, 6 lines/6.5 hrs later, 1 small Bow and 3 small Bass.

Will try the next two days with just ordinary old fisherman, we sent the guides back to Winni, cured of the Squam itch..

But it was relaxing enjoyable time for them, quite a change from the fast Winni pace, someone else sharing the duties of setting lines etc. one of them slept half the morning today.

Big John

Re: How slow can Squam get ?????

John don't feel to bad we fished Winni 3.5hrs 4 lines landed 1 2# bow no other hits at all and out of the boats in the area only saw one other fish landed, and then the winds came mum got nervous and we headed for home.

Re: How slow can Squam get ?????

It might have been slow but a trip on the barge is always a pleasure and very relaxing Thanks again John!


Re: How slow can Squam get ?????

Wish I had better news. Fished hard two days last weekend, same deal - lines in the water at 5:15 am both days. Couple small 'bows and a handful of bass to show for it. Made it out yesterday trying to turn it around, with almost exactly same results as you. Did boat one beautiful bow 21 in, just under 3.5, amazing fall colors. Couple smaller bows 14-16 inches, and a small bass, no hint of a salmon. Will try again in the morning, maybe one will make a mistake.

Hard to complain though, still never get tired of the surroundings. GL in the am!

Re: How slow can Squam get ?????

Fishing on the barge. And the scenery very hard to beat.I hopeing he will put a large screen T.V. On the Barge and and it we have every thing.Can" beat it for fishing very comfy. And also have fish and game stock a few more salmon.