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Re: Rifle scope advice

I've got a Luepold VX-II LRD mounted on my 30.06 I know people who are very into guns and rifle accuracy, study ballistics charts and all that jazz. I just want to shoot a deer clean. But, these guys recommended the VX-II or the VX-3 if you got extra cash laying around. My VX-II has served me very well. I'd buy another one in a heartbeat. I hope this helps.

Re: Rifle scope advice

I have had many different brands and if money is not an issue spend it on a Leupold. You won't be disappointed.

Re: Rifle scope advice

I have had mine for 20 years and not 1 complaint!!!

Re: Rifle scope advice

Thanks for the advice guys. I'm going with the Leupold. It's made in America.