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I'm Back

I'm back for a few days from up north scouting. I have my last trip on the Lake Thursday... Than a wedding Friday, well than it will be back to scouting. Myself and Josh have two A1 hunts and two Legacy tag hunts (silent auction tag winners) so we have to scout, scout, scout!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave I don't seem to have your cell give me a holla 603-455-0268 Anyone else that's trying to get a hold of me can use the the same #.....

Cool Water

Re: I'm Back

Just sent ya a message buddy, Hope all is well and good with you and the family. Take Care God Bless LOL Dave

Re: I'm Back

I noticed on your post you were up north scouting for moose. I am taking my eight year old son to Pittsburg for the weekend for him to hunt grouse. We planned to walk the smaller roads and trails to sneak up on some birds. Since I don't hunt the area much would you have any suggestions where we might start ? Thanks, Frank