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Squam Lake

Anybody see the 8.5 salmon caught there is a picture on my fishfinder.com in the new hampshire sight i thought squam was slow and no fish where caught this guy is real lucky .

Re: Squam Lake

I don,t call it luck. I call it "putting ya time in" on the water.

Re: Squam Lake

It's just a rumor.

Big John

Re: Squam Lake

Re: Myth or Facts about Sept. Salmon Trolling
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Here is a pic of a salmon caught in Squam lake in NH during the week of Sep 20th. I guess they are still biting SOMEWHERE in September

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Re: Squam Lake

Face looks like someone I know only younger,boat also looks familiar just can't place it???

Re: Squam Lake

Now THAAAAT..... is a specimen!!!!! Looks like it came out of Ontario instead of one of our lakes.

Nice work John, you had an excellent year!!!

Forry is humbled....haha

He is laid up, give me a call I will fill you in.

Re: Squam Lake

Saw that pic quite awhile ago, very nice specimen indeed, not sure that doesn't look like the pontoon boat that I know?????????? Take Care God Bless LOL Dave