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Re: Brookies and Bows

John is the rumor true that you're going to require an allergy test before boarding the barge next year?
Glad to hear Russ is alright. Must have been a terrifying experience.

Re: Brookies and Bows

Well as some of you know he has a few health issues so it was a little scary. They said some of his other test he has been getting inject iodine and the residual plus the iodine in the shrimp could have pushed him overboard. To the best of his knowledge he never had any allergies to shell fish before, but as some of us older folks know "things change over time" ha,ha.

As long as we didn't have to cut the fishing trip short it wasn't a big issue. Seriously, the side of his face swelled up big time, he was dizzy, his tounge got swollen to the point his speech was hard to understand, all in a couple of minuets, like 2 or 3 minuets. This was maybe an hour after we had the shrimp, it was scary.

He is going to have allergy testing and now carries one of those eppy pens for allergic reactions.

If anyone has someone on board that is having abnormal issues or symptoms, don't waste any time, seek medical help ASAP. Better to be safe than sorry, you can all fish again the next day.

Big John