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Re: Get well wishes

Forry is out, he was at the old Hale Hospital in Haverhill. He is back at it doing lite work wiring switches and outlets, and doing his therapy. He is still sore and a little slow getting around but he is driving. I think he has mellowed a bit, he has been very pleasant! Good to see him back on his feet.

Hoping the best for you, Forry did not eat either for 4 or 5 days. He has been shedding pounds on his own diet and doing well with it

Hang in there Bill, give me a call when your feeling better and home.

Forry must have mellowed, he even told me it's time for him to shed a few pounds, from the Pour On the Fat King, that was a mouthful, if it had loads of fat Forry wanted double portions.. I'd bust his cookies and he'd say "I like my vitles, I don't care". So he must have seen the light, they say 10 pounds of weight loss is like 20 or more pounds off your knees and I think they feel is bad knee led to his back problems.

Now enough of the "pot calling the kettle black", I start weight loss/exersise program next week under doctors supervision, probably with oxygen, 3 days a week, in addition to seeing a nutritionist.

Big John

Re: Get well wishes

Good luck with it John.