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Gets a KICK out of false reporting in his local newspaper HaHa What a JOKE!!!

Was cracking up this morning reading about how a certain guide service did all the work on 3 spectacular moose during the recent hunt, but found it really interesting how the other guide who was involved only had his name mentioned in one little blurb!!!!!!!! What a pathetic piece of reporting!!!!!! If you can't write the story the way it truly happened mentioning all the parties involved then DON"T write the story. This may P.O. a few people and if it does I am not trying to dis-respect you in any way shape or form, but find it totally disgusting when the whole story and article is not written correctly mentioning ALL "Guides" involved. Take Care God Bless LOL Dave (Who does know the "TRUE" story behind the moose mentioned in the ariticle)8tyr