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all we ever wanted to know about Otters, ha,ha.


They are primarily shoreline dwellers, can stay under water for 3 to 4 minuets, but another article says up to 8 minuets ? Did not say how deep they can dive, but I guess it would depend on how long they want to stay under, don't sound like they leave the shorline however.

I don't think they are a huge problem for young Salmon in deep water, but I wouldn't want to be an adult caught in a net with one.

Says they sometimes kill for "sport".

Can they be hunted/trapped ?

Big John

Re: all we ever wanted to know about Otters, ha,ha.


They are trapped in Ontario; I don't know about the NH laws.

Re: all we ever wanted to know about Otters, ha,ha.

Saw another otter yesterday in Cotton Cove (Squam)


Re: all we ever wanted to know about Otters, ha,ha.

The old fisherman
Saw another otter yesterday in Cotton Cove (Squam)


Well Lou, The fall netting is finished at Squam, eggs have been taken, etc. and fish are free to swim the shorelines and streams, Otter territory. This is maybe the only real time the Salmon are in danger from Otters. Of course if one gets in the nets when netting occurs it could be real havoc, fortunatley it did not happen this year, but it has in the past.

I think Otters can be trapped, but don't know the laws, but surely F and G can trap nusiance predators, alive and re-locate or otherwise.

I'll call Brad, the CO in our area and see what he says as far as regulations ????

Predators are a fact of life, happens at all levels of the food chain. I finally gave up my hobby of almost 50 years, racing pigeons, mainly due to Hawks,
they attack every day and killed and/or chased many more away when they were babies.

Allot of pigeon guys trap them, shoot them, etc. but the fine is in the 1000's if caught, you can't even have a trap on your premises. At any rate, it's a loosing battle, kill 1 and 2 more move in the area and of course they migrate spring an fall when 1000's are in the air and hunting. They are decimating the song bird populations, but yet are protected.

Otters I don't think are populated that much, surely
if a few are trapped it will help the area.

As I type this, I see Hawks buzzing my pigeon lofts, happens everyday and I haven't had a pigeons out flying to attract them in 2 years, I do have birds in the lofts (coops) but don't let them out anymore.

Soon the pigeons will be all gone, be interesting to see if the Hawks still make the daily visit.

I'll post anything I find out about trapping Otters.

Perhaps "float stocking" can be tried in an effort to keep new Salmon away from the shoreline predators, again Otter territory.

Big Jonn