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Bob and Trav's Huntin' Season

Hi all,

Just thought I would check in and give a summary of how our hunting season went.
First a friend of mine was kind enough to invite me to be his sub-permitte in this year's moose hunt in J2.
On second day of season he bagged a 560 lb. cow in Meredith and it is some mighty fine table fare.

Our attention then turned to deer hunting. Trav and I are addicted to hunting "up north" and went to Pittsburg to hunt the last two weeks of the season. We were actually hunting both NH and Maine.
My best buddy and I decided to start by hunting Manie. Our first day to hunt was Nov.15....Trav and some of the other guys wanted to hunt NH to start as they had seen some nice deer while moose guiding earlier in the season.....They made right choice as Trav bagged a nice "weird racked" 5 pointer weighing in at 179LBS. The bad news is I wasn't there to share in the fun...the good news was now Trav was coming to Maine to hunt with us.
We hunted hard another 4 days and on the Next to last Sat. of Maine season Trav and I felt we had the spot.
We had some new snow and Trav was "amped" as we set out that morning. He stated that he loved hunting and he loved hunting "with you old bucks" (ie myself and my buddy) I said that was good as I love hunting with him and loved it even more when he comes to drag my deer! Well 3 hours later he was doing exactly that as I was lucky enough to shoot a nice buck,. He had on his right side an awesome 5 point webbed rack and on left side only 2 points , like a Peace Sign. Must have been damaged early on. It was the year for us to get the weird racks. The best part is he beat Trav's weight and weighed 186LBs. The even better part is the Trav dragged him through and over all kinds of blow downs to get him for me! **** I love hunting with that kid!!!LOL It was an awesome hunt as Trav has grown up hunting with me and my buddy and as you all out there know....That is what is really about!
So it was back to NH for me and the next day one of our other hunters downed a beautifull typical 10 pointer weighing in at 195LBs taking our camp pool for the year.
Sorry for no Pics but now that I have finally had time to post this I will get Trav to post some Pics.
Merry Christmas to All!

Re: Bob and Trav's Huntin' Season

YEY! Congrats & thanks for sharing. W-Fat

Re: Bob and Trav's Huntin' Season

Thanks for the report Bob. Experience and effort usually pay off as it did with you and Trav this year! :)

Re: Bob and Trav's Huntin' Season

Lets see some pictures!