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Ross Lake Camps in Northwestern Maine

We are thinking of taking a group of guys up for a bachelor party / excursion?? Anyone ever been here??? We are considering a trip there in early June. Met the owners at the Salem Hunting & Fishing Show. I was wondering if anyone had been and whether it was a good trip? Also is it a good idea to get the trip with the evening meals included?

Re: Ross Lake Camps in Northwestern Maine

My opinion may be a bit biased, as it is Adrien's brother and sister-in-law that own the place... and Adrien and I are very good friends. But, yes, I've been there and had a great time. It sure puts you a long ways from the paved road and therefore all the concerns of daily life. The fishing in the lake is excellent. Donald may also be able to get you onto muskies, in northern rivers, that time of year, I'm not sure. Having a prepared dinner is always a nice bonus.

Re: Ross Lake Camps in Northwestern Maine

I have not been there however I can tell you the owners are great people that will go out of there way to make your trip a good one! I want to get up there myself....as I have been told it's amazing!!!

Cool Water

Re: Ross Lake Camps in Northwestern Maine

Might as well get the meals, I doubt there is a McDonalds or Papa Gino's within a 100 miles, lol.

I've met the owners before, nice folks, super hunters and fisherman, both of them. Sounds like a great place for a bachelor party, might be able to find an Indian stripper in the woods ?

Never been there myself, but from what they say it's a long ride to civilization.

Big John