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How's the ice snow slush on winni is the snow packed enough to use a 4wheeler

Re: ice

You will find places where wheelers will okay but know you may break thru crust than be stuck in slush and water. Having a shovel with you would be min. requirement , unless you are only in well traveled areas and snowmobile trails.

Re: ice

dave h......If you look at at Adrian's last two postings picture you will see the difference of conditions. The 2/9 posting area looks good....the 2/8 posting shows the wet spots and where the guys boot tracks broke thru to the slush , indicating you would have hard time with wheeler here.
Good Luck this weekend.

Re: ice

Was out riding on the lake Wednesday night. If you stay on places where it's been packed you're ok but if you get to spots where it's not packed or wind blown you can expect crusty snow then slush underneath. My sled stayed on top of it fine but when I would stop and check for hardness I would go through to slush in the deeper spots. About a foot deep. I will say it has greatly changed since last weekend. A lot easier to get around. Bring a shovel though, you may need it.