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Re: Etac-2 stroke-4 stroke

Dave P.
I put an etec on the turd last year.4 stroke weight scared me since I was already fat in the ass.The etec is 4 stroke quiet,light and you only get a wisp of smell if the wind is right.I have to throw a sock out to troll,but I can also tell you I am 120% happy with it.I have gone over a hundred nautical miles on a 36 gallon tank and still been half full back at port.Old smokie would have run out 30 miles from port lol.
oh I also use the synthetic for the 100 to 1 fuel mixture.polebreaker

Thanks for the advice guys, so now I know about the 2 vs 4 stoke controversy, lets say engine type wont influence my decision now. Interesting that the 2 strokes get that better milage, definateley a consideration these days.

But the boat still eludes me, might have to go new, I was looking at a nice one and that one was also sold before I could pull the trigger.

Talked with Forry (remember him) today, he is recovering well from back surgery, he sat in his new boat today in his garage for a while, wishin it was spring.

Big John