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2-21-11 Charter Report

Fished with a crew from Tewksbury Ma today. It was just as windy and nasty as the last 2 days. We landed 9 lakers and a smallmouth. We quit by noon because i think my crew was fed up with the wind, i don't blame them at all, it was crappy. The next run of fish would have started at 12:45 but we didn't stick around for it. Damian has the 2 he kept in the photo. We released all the rest today. After we finished up we grilled a lake trout. I filleted it and grilled it skin down on low completely plain. You wouldn't believe it if i told you, it was absolutely fantastic, i know, i know, but it really was i couldn't tell the diff between laker and rainbow off the grill plain. No fishy strong taste, just plain good, we ate up a whole laker in seconds. I WAS SHOCKED how good it was.