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3-7-11 charter report

It Rained...... ALL DAY
and then the temp dropped and everything froze, that was awesome!

OK so harry and chickie had enough with rainbows last time, so this time we went pickerel fishing, no, no need for your reading glasses, we went pickerel fishing, in the rain you read that right.

Harry needed pickerel to pickle

I took them to a hot pickerel spot and we landed about 20 pics and kept 9 of the bigger ones, also got about 20 yellows and kept half a dozen whoppers. We let all the small stuff go and we quit about 11am when the temp dropped and wind swept in and froze everything, flag wires were frozen together and wouldn't pop.

10 inches of water on the ice, up to the running boards on the snowmobile, the holes were like flushing toilets when you drilled it was draining hard.

Heres the guys with some of the catch, put a few more nice ones on the ice after the picture.