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Re: sufix lead core

Has anyone ever used or had experience with the sufix leadcore? I usually use cortland kerplunk but i find that the colors bleed and are hard to keep track of, also the outer jacket/sheeth seems weak and takes little to damage it. I thought I may give sufix a try.
Any info would be great.

Cortlan changed the marking color last year, dies and colors itself, and the jacket is different, we used it all last year. Alan had 20 color rolls of another brand early last year, we used it and each color ws a different length (not 30') some were not even 1/2 what it was suppose to be. We took it back to Alan and he ran it through his line counter an bingo, they "were" short, he have us credit and we used Cortland the rest of the season (allmost all.

Previously I had the same issues you mentioned with cortland (last season)

Big John

Re: sufix lead core

I just bought some Sufix leadcore myself. I have not been happy with the cortland either so I thought I would try the sufix, their mono and braided lines are fantastic. I have not fished it yet but it did feel pretty good while putting it on my reels.

Re: sufix lead core

This will be the 3rd year I'm running the same Suffix LC. So far it has held up very well.