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3-20-11 charter report

Had a crew from R.I. Today Ed, Ed, Dan and Jason. We hit the lake early and got set up in the moonlight. Landed 4 whites, a 2.04lb yellow a 23in salmon on a perch rod!!!!n and a few lakers. Couldn't get the perch to commit like yesterday so we pulled the plug and got out of there and went for laker water and landed a bunch more to take it up to 11 lakers for the day, plus the other whites / yellows and salmon. A perfect day to be on the ice. They kept 6 lakers as that was enough to eat. The biggest was a nice fat 4.12 lb chubbie.

Re: 3-20-11 charter report

What are you using for a fish weight scale that measures in the hundreds of a pound?

Re: 3-20-11 charter report

can't get enough of that perch...what a cow!!!!

Re: 3-20-11 charter report

Its a gram scale like the biologists use for surveying fish weights, have to convet but no big deal. Long metal spring scale that maxes out at about 5 pounds.

The perch was 926 grams or 2.04 pounds