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Re: The gathering

Great time today just couldn't pass on the lead core set-ups the Mrs asked if we really needed two more I said no....but it's better to have and not need, than to need and not have plus she got a new hat and tackle bag throne in so we were both GRINNIN!!!

Re: The gathering

Good to see new friends as always. Look forward to the gathering every year.
I did not have to explain any new lures or flies to tkm when I got home.
But with the trip to Jamacia Wed. for her 25th, she was wandering around the house in a new swim suit she had just bought, when I got home from the gathering.
YUP then I got the question! Does this make my butt look big??
Hun-U can ware that on the beach!
Just don't ware it on the plane, they will make me buy a extra seat.TnT W-Fat

Re: The gathering

Another gathering has come and gone. It was great getting to chat with everyone. The gathering for me is what kind of gets my blood pumping for the upcoming Salmon season. I had a great time and would like to thank everyone that attended. We were able to raise over $400.00 dollars for the Kyle Robinson Memorial Scholarship, we should all be proud that we are able to give back, I know I am.

See you on the ‘Pond”…

Cool Water

Re: The gathering

A big THANK YOU to everyone that helped out with this worthy cause. Joe Anyone that wants to troll Ossipee this spring is welcome

Re: The gathering

Even though I wasn't able to stay for long due to kiddo's softball, it was very nice to see everyone once again. Oh yea, and Salty, Kiddo is already talking about going out on the Peggy C after saying you had to get her out this summer, she even asked me to show her your boat from the pics LOL WOW Now thats a nice boat she says LOL Take Care God Bless and Thanks for all your hard work Travis. LOL Dave

Re: The gathering

We'll work it out Dave. Maybe one of the morning's she has a game.