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Ice Fishing

Is there an official last day to ice fish? or is it ok so long as you can stand on the ice?

Re: Ice Fishing

Depends where you're fishing.

On lakes/ponds with special rules its closes after the last day of March.

On lakes/ponds with "general" regulations, you can fish through the ice as long as there is ice. No set finish date.

Just be sure to check the ice as you go. The edges are breaking up quickly in spots.

Re: Ice Fishing

Wow good thing I read this. I would have kept on ice fishing Winni as there is plenty of ice. The rules say on a Lake Trout/or Salmon lake: Fish may be taken by ice fishing only Jan. 1st to March 31st. Looks like I will be throwing a fly or casting a smelt this weekend. Time to put the ice gear away.